Bonifacio's Gourmet Restaurant

Eclectic fusion cuisine inspired in Mexico. The setting is an antique chapel built by the Jesuits, the first settlers in town along with the Spaniards about 400 years ago.  Its think brick-adobe paste walls have been carefully restored along with the wooden Amapa beam ceilings to give it a special "old world" charm. The word eclectic comes into play again when dealing with its decor and glamour, exquisite paintings, elegant wall mirrors,Hotel Torres del Fuerte - Jesuit built chapel prior to restoration  in 2006. El Fuerte, Sinaloa, Mexico. discrete lighting, romantic candles, extravagant chandeliers all perfectly combine into an enchanting dining experience. One can also enjoy a wonderful meal or a bottle of fine wine under the moon light in the garden terrace, a scented ramada full of red an white flowers or a luscious majestic mango tree al indirectly lighted form part of this beautiful scenery.  It is all part of the Bonifacio´s experience

Jesuit built chapel prior to restoration  in 2006


Weddings Catered by Bonifacio's Gourmet Restaurant

Every marriage begins with a unique love story. If yours also includes a taste for travel, a passion for adventure, and the commitment to celebrate in your own way, yours can lead to extraordinary places in your journey to marry at a destination wedding.



A destination made for lovers, where the Copper Canyon sunsets set the stage for glorious weddings…where our Boutique Hacienda Hotel & Spa is designed for romance and intimacy.

For a very special wedding, our recognized hospitality offer unique ceremony settings, value-added packages, free wedding planning services and romantic honeymoon suites.
Tie the knot in an elegant evening ceremony, in our beautifully patios and gardens. Then let mariachis, a trio, a rock band or a even a DJ serenade your reception.
We offer packages that add value and numerous options to customize the event. Our Certified Advance Wedding Planner takes care of all the details to ensure a worry-free event.

Bonifacio's Gourmet Restaurant

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